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Dear Parents and Dancers,

Welcome to our 34th Spring Dance Recital. This year’s dance recital is just around the corner and we want everyone to be well informed of all the details. This page of information will explain everything you need to know and what’s in store for the big event! If you have any further questions, please ask at the front desk. Our recital is a rite of passage for your dancers, and a chance to shine in front of family and friends. Students anticipate, with nervous excitement, the opportunity to present the skills they have worked on so diligently all year. A big part of the dance training process includes learning through performance. This experience helps build self-esteem and confidence. Onstage experience can also result in better school presentations, improved social skills and strong interview skills for future college or job opportunities. We are so excited to experience another amazing recital season with all of our families and fantastic performers. Recital time is an important step for our students, and it creates lifelong memories. Let’s make them great memories!

Our 2024 Spring Dance Recital consists of 6 performances. Please check studio bulletin board and website class participation report for shows your dancer may be in. They may be in more than 1 recital. Our Recital runs approximately 90 minutes. For more information, click and follow the subheadings above.

Thank you,


Important Dates

Costume distribution
Beginning April 25th
In your class at BBDC
Recital tickets instructions
May 19TH 2024
Online Only
Recital Tickets go on sale for everyone
May 19th, 2024
Summer Camp Registration
February 20th 2024
Dress Rehearsal
June 6th-7th, 2024
Bergen Academies
Picture Day
June 6th-7th, 2024
Bergen Academies (During Dress Rehearsal)
June 8th-9th 2024
Bergen Academies
Priority Registration begins for 2024-2025 season
May 6th, 2024
Last Day of Classes
June 5th, 2024
Summer Camp Begins
July 9th, 2024
Summer Mini Mester
July 8th, 2024

Dress Rehearsal is at Bergen Academies. Please be on time so you don’t miss your rehearsal.

Professionals need to rehearse and so do we. It is your dancer’s one and only dress rehearsal. It is advised to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time in full costume and ready to take the stage. Please check in when you arrive at the theater with our BBDC recital coordinator who will direct you to your seating. Each class will have 5 minutes of “Stage Time” with their teacher to rehearse. After their practice, please meet your dancer in the hallway near the photographer, at which time you may have your dancers picture taken.

**Video is allowed at any time at the dress rehearsal. NOT at the recital


Please check the day/time of your rehearsal session(s) below:

2024-2025 Priority Registration

Priority registration for 2024-2025 classes begins May 6th.

Enroll early to ensure you get the class day/time of your preference.  Make sure to secure your spot. Classes fill up quickly!

Recital Prep

1. If your dancer is performing in more than one routine, they are to arrive wearing the costume for the first routine that they perform in. The other costume(s) must be in a separate hanging bag clearly labeled with the child’s name and name of the other routine and dance number.

2. Only performers and designated class moms will enter the theatre at the “performers entrance” (follow signs). No one else is permitted entry at this location. NO ONE.

3. All performers should be dropped off at the performers entrance and their class mom will escort them to their designated area (parents will not be allowed entry). Dancers are to come completely dressed with dance shoes on their feet. No jewelry is to be worn. Hair and makeup must be performance ready.

4. No bags, drinks or food. Nothing is to come in with them. Our class moms will provide them with everything they need. BBDC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ITEMS (we care for their safety and their belongings).

5. After the dancers perform they go back to sit with their class. All students return to stage at the end of the entire recital for the finale. For your child’s safety, we do not release children until the end of the recital. Children ages 2 to 6 will be dismissed from the stage at the conclusion of the finale.  Please stay seated until you hear your dancers class dismissed. Pick up for older dancers will be at the performer’s entrance (where they were dropped off). We appreciate your cooperation.

Parents or guardians cannot come backstage to pick up their children after their dance is done.  

**Performers are to be dropped off at the Performers Entrance on the side of the theatre 1 hour prior to showtime. Follow the signs.


Recital Time
SAT JUNE 8th -- 9:00AM
SAT JUNE 8th -- 10:00AM
SAT JUNE 8th -- 1:00PM
SAT JUNE 8th -- 2:00PM
SAT JUNE 8th -- 5:00PM
SAT JUNE 8th -- 6:00PM


SUN JUNE 9th -- 9:00AM
SUN JUNE 9th -- 10:00AM
SUN JUNE 9th -- 1:00PM
SUN JUNE 9th -- 2:00PM
SUN JUNE 9th -- 5:00PM
SUN JUNE 9th -- 6:00PM


Other events are sometimes held at the theater on the same days as our recital.  There is ample parking but please arrive early in order to insure a timely arrival.


After you receive your costume, make sure every piece is marked with your child’s name. Also be sure to put your dancer’s name in all shoes and tights. We have many dancers and many identical items. Label everything!

If your child is performing in more than 1 routine, additional costumes must be in separate bags labeled with the performers name, routine name and number.

Do NOT Iron

The best way to remove wrinkles is to hang them in a steamy bathroom. DO NOT iron costumes; they will melt.

Do Not Play in Them

Please do not let your children wear their costumes until after the performance. We cannot get replacements.

Label Costume

Label all costume parts (tights, shoes, costumes, and headpieces) with your child’s name when you get home. Costume parts get lost. Make sure you have all of your costume parts with you.


When you receive your costume, you may need to make alterations to make sure that your child’s costume fits properly and that all parts are secure (most costumes should not need alterations). However, the costume companies send us a costume that is closest to your child’s measurements, but few are exact fits. Most sewing (if needed) requires a simple technique called “tacking”. If you can thread a needle, you can “tack”, and we can show you how.

Understand Your Costume Price


All performers must wear hair with a middle part, slicked back in a low bun.


All performers wear make-up for dress rehearsal and performances.  It highlights their features and will prevent them from looking “washed out” under the bright stage lights.  

We recommend:  Girls: Blush and lipstick and eye shadow and mascara. Boys: A little blush


Email us and we’ll be happy to get back to you!


Capture the Moment

Create a memory to cherish forever.  For your convenience there will be 2 professional photographers available in the lobby of the theatre the day of dress rehearsal.

Individual pictures are taken in the lobby  by our professional photographer immediately after your child’s dress rehearsal.

**The use of video or photography equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited during our shows.

Our Recitals are captured by “Vision Works”

 Included in your ticket price this year, we are  including a digital download for all families.

Pre -Order Your Flowers

Have your  dancers flowers ready and waiting for them the day of the recital.

Pre-order flowers here


Email us and we’ll be happy to get back to you!



Tickets go on sale Sunday May 19th at 1:00 pm  ONLINE ONLY (credit or debit card only). Performers do not need to purchase a ticket.

**Your ticket prices includes a digital download of the recital.

  • You will print your tickets in the comfort of your own home
  • Children 18 months or under may sit on an adult’s lap
  • Tickets will not be sold at the studio


Rows A-J (Center orchestra)
All other seats

*All seats are reserved

Please note: Ticket price increase to $30.00 after June 5th 

Bergen County Academies

200 Hackensack Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601